College Retail Reimagined

香港二四六正版资料 is reimagining collegiate retail
with a seamless, omni-channel customer experience,
unmatched merchandise assortment, and next generation
ecommerce capabilities, all tailored to each institution that we serve.

Students climbing staircases inside a Collegiate Retail illustration
Store retail section featuring apparel

Unrivaled Product Selection

Store managers are empowered to make buying and operating decisions in the best interest of your campus. Through our partnership with Fanatics and Lids – our stores have access to the widest network of logo product vendors in the industry – with the flexibility to customize their product assortment based on the unique needs of their community.

Best-In-Class Ecommerce Experience

Our ecommerce platform has a user-friendly mobile-first design that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Students, parents, and alumni are greeted by a hyper-personalized experience showcasing their school’s brand.

Ecommerce experience on tablets

Campus Store Solutions

  • Store Design

    Celebrate your school鈥檚 culture and heritage through design. Collaborate with our store designers to bring your vision to life.

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  • Management Team

    We offer the knowledge and buying network of an experienced collegiate retailer with the care and personalized service of a local support team.

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  • Athletics

    Best-in-class athletics and school spirit merchandise will ignite school pride in your students, fans, alumni, parents, and donors.

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  • Merchandise Strategy

    Timely, comprehensive performance metrics help you forecast sales, determine restocking needs, and make decisions aligned to customer preferences.

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  • Ecommerce Experience

    Our dynamic ecommerce platform and proprietary mobile app provide the integrated, personal experiences that online shoppers expect and deserve.

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  • Omni-Channel Marketing

    Thoughtfully curated omni-channel marketing campaigns highlight the latest trends to drive traffic and revenue to your store.

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Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience

“香港二四六正版资料 has always been a great partner in delivering that face-to-face exchange with our customers, from a textbook standpoint and from an apparel standpoint. They’ve really been the boots on the ground that make us successful in providing excellent customer service to our local base here on our campus.”

Kevin Sowers 鈥 Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services, University of Central Florida

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