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We are your academic, retail and research partner.
Serving 6 Million+ Students, Parents, Alumni, Fans & Faculty at 1,400+ Higher Ed & K-12 Schools Nationwide

Your store is where their stories begin.

Our campus stores serve as a vibrant hub of college life and learning. We create retail and learning experiences that support faculty, engage students and build alumni loyalty. Ultimately, partnering with us helps enhance student success 鈥 and secure a consistent revenue stream for institutions.

Barnes & Nobile Education banner outside the New York Stock Exchange the day BNED was listed

Our History

In 2015, Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (NYSE: BNED) became an independent public company and parent of Barnes & Noble College. Becoming a public company allowed BNED to pursue greater growth opportunities in the education sector, including expanding its digital capabilities, creating innovative academic programs such as聽BNC First Day and the BNC聽Adoption & Insights Portal聽(AIP), and adding companies including MBS Textbook Exchange to its family of brands. Today, BNED is a company serving all who work to elevate their lives through education, driving affordability, access and achievement at hundreds of academic institutions nationwide and ensuring millions of students are equipped for success in the classroom and beyond.

Affordability, access and achievement are at the heart of all we do.

We are the only campus store operator that helps you communicate your value to students, parents, donors and other stakeholders through research studies demonstrating significant impact. Your campus community benefits from the knowledge and support of a large-scale provider, coupled with the care and customization of an on-site partner.

Leadership. Equity. Opportunity. Success.

Education 鈹 it鈥檚 in our DNA. For more than 50 years, we have led the way in the educational space, starting with one modest store location in New York City in 1965.聽Today, we鈥檝e expanded to partner with more than 1,400 college, university and K-12 bookstores nationwide.

The Foundation of BNED

After going public in 2015, (BNED) pivoted our educational upbringing toward a new generation of services and solutions to help satisfy institutional and student needs 鈥 creating innovative academic programs such as First Day and the Adoption Insights Portal (AIP) as well as fresh retail approaches such as All Things College. BNED鈥檚 foundation has enabled our solutions at 香港二四六正版资料 to continually evolve to the next level.

Your Campus Partner

We take pride in being a strategic partner, collaborator and support system for our campus partners. Most importantly, we take pride in the opportunity to empower more than 6 million students enrolled in higher education and K-12 institutions.

From delivering the optimal content at the best prices to offering a convenient and seamless operational experience, we provide our campus partners the complete solutions they need to support student and faculty success 鈥 inside and out of the classroom.

We Love Our Customers

Customization and customer service are where we thrive. We are extremely proud of our reputation for exemplary customer satisfaction, with 92% of our existing campus partners rating our service as good, very good, or excellent. Additionally, for the past four years, 92% of our partners have extended or renewed their contracts.

Through extensive research, we anticipate students鈥 needs and customize each store to suit the institution鈥檚 unique style. We鈥檝e built a deep understanding of what different institutions need 鈥 from small private colleges to large public universities and multi-campus community college systems. We collaborate with our bookstore partners to surpass expectations and optimize students鈥 customer experience.

We are your academic,
retail and research


Support your faculty with data-driven offerings that encourage innovation, provide course material choice, make teaching more rewarding, and increase student engagement, achievement and career readiness.

Retail Expertise

Access signature solutions for best-in-class athletic, school spirit and lifestyle merchandising that make your store the premier place to shop and help you secure additional revenue.

College Insights

Make informed decisions with the latest national research and insights, or explore a collaborative approach to conducting studies on your campus.