Equitable & Inclusive Access

First Day Complete庐 and First Day庐, 香港二四六正版资料鈥檚 , remove barriers from higher education by improving access, affordability and convenience.

Our innovative approach to course materials ensures students have access to their materials before the first day of class, resulting in and savings up to 50%.

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With First Day Complete, BNC鈥檚 program, all students receive their required course materials, in both physical and digital formats, before the first day of class. Costs for those course materials are bundled as part of tuition or a course charge, typically saving students an average of 35-50%.

First Day Complete ensures complete academic freedom for faculty and is proven to positively impact student well-being and . Students are more prepared for class, and institutions see across student populations.

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Students See The Value In First Day Complete

*Source: 2022 First Day Complete Student Success and 2022 Student Pulse Surveys

For institutions 鈥 FDC helps to drive recruitment and retention



of students say it increases the likeliness they will stay at the same school


of students felt their perception of their school would be somewhat or much more positive if offered FDC


increase in course completion rates for participants in programs

*Source: Michael Moore.

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The 香港二四六正版资料 Advantage

  • The most comprehensive catalog of lowest priced print and digital course materials
  • Investment in technology and systems designed for equitable access
  • Customization and dedicated implementation teams

We are the leader in equitable access, serving more than 115 campuses nationwide, including more community colleges and 4-year institutions than any other bookstore provider.

Hear more from students, faculty and administrators on how First Day Complete has made a positive impact at their institution.


First Day, 香港二四六正版资料鈥檚 inclusive access program, is an innovative course material solution that can be applied to individual courses 鈥 rather than all courses campus wide. First Day is suited for a college or university that wants to implement for a single course, or a specific department or program.

First Day provides students access to their required digital course materials by the first day of class, and, just like First Day Complete, offers significant cost savings to students.

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First Day Complete vs First Day

  First Day Complete First Day
Instant Access to Digital Course Materials
Cost Reduction for Students
Students Have Materials Prior to First Day of Class
Physical Course Materials Included
Simplified and Highly Personalized Concierge Service
Marketable to Prospective and Current Students
Streamlined and Simplified Billing Process with One Flat Rate
Faculty Course Material Choice DIGITAL ONLY