Course Materials

With the most comprehensive catalog of affordable physical and digital course materials
in the industry, we facilitate a more successful academic journey for students and academic
freedom for faculty.

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Textbooks with Flexible Buying Options

By leveraging MBS, Barnes & Noble Education鈥檚 wholesale division, and relationships with over 7,000 publishers, we provide our partners access to the largest catalog of affordable new, used and rental textbooks in the industry.

We offer:

  • Full price transparency through a no-fee policy
  • Price-match guarantee
  • Industry leading buy-back program

The Most Digital Content

Through our partnership with VitalSource we also offer higher education institutions access to the largest digital catalog, resources and publisher relationships in the industry.

Students also have access to Bookshelf CoachMe庐, a free, award-winning study tool that’s available on more than 2M titles. The digital study coach identifies what students know and helps them focus on what they need to learn by inserting practice questions and knowledge checks right in the eBooks. Bookshelf CoachMe is the #1 recommended resource by students compared to other commonly used eReaders and built-in study tools.

*VitalSource Student Segmentation Report-2021 Broadview Analytics, Inc.

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Course Concierge

A Personalized Course Concierge Experience

Through advanced technology integration and single sign-on, students can access their personalized course list and required materials. Then, they simply select their preferred format and delivery or pick-up. It鈥檚 an easier and more convenient shopping experience.

Alleviating Course Material Costs

鈥淲ith 香港二四六正版资料, San Jacinto College has been able to offer students new, used, rental, and digital book formats with a price-match guarantee.鈥

Our students have taken advantage of this program and saved over $10,000 the first year. 香港二四六正版资料 has also sponsored textbook scholarships to help alleviate the cost of course materials.

Dr. Brenda Hellyer, Chancellor

Dr. Brenda Hellyer, chancellor of San Jacinto College speaking on the mic