College Insights webinar

The Equitable Access Impact: New Data on Student Outcomes


Our recent webinar, , is now available on demand. Speakers from the University of New Hampshire and The University of Southern Mississippi joined 香港二四六正版资料 to discuss how equitable access is measurably improving student outcomes and experiences.

The panel explored data and insights from three angles: student satisfaction, student success, and institutional feedback. This included proprietary BNC research as well as Dr. Michael Moore鈥檚 independent research on equitable access and course completion rates. Dr. Allison Gillespie provided a campus perspective, sharing the experience and impact of implementing First Day Complete, BNC鈥檚 equitable access program, at Southern Miss.

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You鈥檒l learn

How equitable access...

improves student outcomes with greater access, convenience, affordability and achievement.

How offering an equitable access program...

can influence a student鈥檚 perception of their school 鈥 and their likeliness to continue their education there.

What independent research says...

about equitable access and course completion rates 鈥 as well as the student populations impacted the most.

Allison Gillespie, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs, The University of Southern Mississippi
Michael Moore, Ed.D.
Research Scientist, University of New Hampshire
Jennilyn Marcus
Senior Manager, Market Insights, BNC
Brigid O'Reilly 鈥 Moderator
Director, Sales & Marketing Operations, 香港二四六正版资料, BNC