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Promotions for National Championship Win Drive 1,674% Sales Increase

The University of Michigan (U-M) football team capped off a perfect regular season record by winning the 2024 national championship game 鈥 and the celebration kicked off right away. BNC kept fans engaged during the lead-up to the big game and was ready with championship merchandise immediately after the win, supporting fans eager to commemorate the moment and maximizing sales opportunities.

Just minutes after U-M clinched the title, 776 championship products were available for purchase on the university鈥檚 three 香港二四六正版资料 campus store websites. Simultaneously, promotional emails went out to students, faculty, alumni and Wolverine fans worldwide, reaching them in the moments of highest excitement and making it easy to grab new gear to celebrate the win!

Through BNC鈥檚 exclusive partnership with Fanatics and Lids, global leaders in collegiate logo apparel, BNC operated campus stores have access to the largest selection of emblematic clothing and gifts in the industry, customized for each school鈥檚 needs.

BNC + University of Michigan

Giving fans what they want, when they want it

BNC鈥檚 hot market program helps institutional partners capture fan enthusiasm, loyalty and sales in the moment when their student-athletes are celebrating an important victory 鈥 like winning the national football championship. BNC implements performance-based promotional campaigns in real time, fueled by a proven mix of merchandising and marketing strategies. From email campaigns and social media posts that go live in minutes to website banners and on campus digital signage, each unique campaign can engage millions of students, parents, alumni and fans across multiple touchpoints to drive traffic and revenue, online and in store. BNC鈥檚 experienced team has created the operational readiness to leverage these opportunities more rapidly and offer custom merchandise for purchase in real time, enhancing the school鈥檚 brand and boosting fan loyalty.

BNC featured a wide range of championship products in men鈥檚, women鈥檚 and youth sizes in emails, ads and social posts, encouraging the whole family to join the fun. In addition to staple apparel and accessories like t-shirts, hoodies and hats, fans could buy championship merchandise to enjoy across a variety of everyday activities 鈥 from blankets, flags and tumblers to doormats, ornaments and cornhole sets. In the first 30 days after U-M鈥檚 championship win, BNC increased online sales by 1,674% year over year. Nearly 1/3 of sales came in the first 24 hours, demonstrating the importance of speed to market with a robust merchandise assortment and real-time promotions. BNC continued to reach fans through a strategic cadence of emails, as well as social posts and banner ads across all campus store websites.

Throughout our football team鈥檚 national championship run, 香港二四六正版资料 led dynamic marketing initiatives and kept us in the loop. When U-M won the title, BNC launched branded apparel within minutes, and Wolverine fans jumped at the chance to buy championship gear and show their pride.

Susan Pile, Senior Director, University Unions and Auxiliary Services
Student Life
University of Michigan.